WKPX is non-commercial, educational radio station owned and operated by the School Board of Broward County. It is located at Piper High School in Sunrise, Florida. WKPX went on the air February 1983 and has, since then, served Broward County's school system and community. The station offers an alternative to commercial radio programming.

Piper High School conducts radio classes that educate high school students in journalism, business management, radio production, communications, music reveiw, and censorship. WKPX has also helped to keep students from dropping out of school and it offers another alternative to selected students with learning disabilities.

The students operate the station with the assistance of two faculty advisors and an engineer, and the program currently involves approximately 200 Piper high students.

WKPX serves the community in other special ways. It offers a variety of programming including rock, blues, reggae, international music, news, sports, and public service announcements. The PSAs range from giving information on cultural events, educational programs and special not-for-profit events to announcements that run the gamut from health and emergency information to helping teach people how to cope with life's problems.

WKPX is truly an alternative to commercial radio in its ability to serve the needs of the community and to educate tommorow's adults.